(Pro-bono)  Poster and logo for annual community fair benefiting the local public school of 1300+ students. The event proceeds fund major initiatives at the school. The poster has been updated annually since 2008. 
 Graphic created for public voter forum. Used in social media and as flyer
 Illustration created for a performance tour the Peabody Children's Choir made to England.
 (Pro-bono) Infographic created to encourage parents to engage in 2015 school budget discussions.
 Infographic for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's floating classroom.
 Infographic for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Originally displayed at their annual fundraiser, Bands in the Sands.
 Infographic for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's new building showing how this LEED-certified building conserves energy.
 Invitation for event at hair salon.
 (pro-bono) Fundraiser for  Playworks Baltimore  Graphic was applied to posters and cards and adapted for race day t-shirts.
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